Upload Creatives and Media

Upload Creatives and Media

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By utilizing this feature, users can conveniently store and upload all campaign-related creative materials in a centralized location. This not only saves valuable time and effort, but also offers a streamlined process for affiliates to effectively utilize these creatives and drive conversions for campaigns. Our primary objective at Trackier is to provide a user-friendly infrastructure for both users and affiliates to efficiently host and deliver these media galleries. Users have the freedom to upload as many creatives as necessary for their campaigns.


Uploading media Gallery

  • You will find this option as part of the sidebar wherein you can upload media.

Details to fill In

  • Type - There are multiple options here such as

    • Banner Image

    • Drive/DropBox Link

    • Email Creative

    • Landing Page

    • Video

    • HTML Ad

    • Native Ad Image

    • Other Asset

  • Campaign - Select the proper creative type and then further select the campaign with which you want to associate this creative.

  • Title / Description (Optional) - Enter the Title and Description which will be visible to publishers and advertisers.

  • File - You can either upload a file or enter the URL of the same by ticking on "Download from URL"

  • Subject Line - A single line that you want to add for people to see that will be associated with your creative.

  • Status - Select the status to be active for the creative to be visible else select Pending or Hidden.

  • Landing Page - This can be either default based on your campaign details or add a new one.

Media Reports

  • You can view a full-fledged report for the media and creatives that you have uploaded.

  • The profit and conversions that came through it and other options as well such as impressions, unique clicks etc.

  • You can also save your reports and download them as well.

In case of any issues please drop an email at support-igaming@trackier.com

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