You can completely customize your Trackier Platform, From Logo to Currency, etc. In continuation of panel settings, you will be able to handle the settings for advertisers, publishers, Campaigns, etc.

Currently, Customize Applications are accessible to Account Admin and Sub-Admins. You can learn more about User Roles from this link.



How to reach?

You can change the settings of different verticals by accessing Customize Section from the left panel as highlighted in the image. 

Inside the customize section you will get the list of how things can be customized around the panel, advertisers, publishers, and campaigns.

The inside panel will have a look like this:

If you choose the theme as dark or light mode you're signup and login page will also reflect in the same mode.


Customizing Applications. 

You will be able to change the appearance of the Trackier panel that you will be using for your whole business duration. It includes putting on your company's logo, changing the theme and colour of the panel, updating language and currency, etc.

Basically, it allows you to make the panel comfortable to use based on your own taste

You can easily access it from the left bar once you have clicked on the customize tab.

Trackier has added a suppport for you to transalte your panels and customize it as per your requirements. All you need to do is upload a CSV file on how you want the transalation and our platform will catch it.


What does the Domain Tab do?

You can access the domain tab to add the custom domains in your panel. Either it is Login Domain or postback Domain or Tracking Domain.

To know more about the Custom Domains Click on this link.


Customizing Publishers, Advertisers, and Campaigns.

You can access these tabs to update the general settings and the KPI display settings as well as Publishers and Advertisers.

You will be able to allow the widgets for the Publisher's and Advertiser's reports. Few changes related to Payout tiers, publisher tracking template, and basic amendments can be done through this tab.

You can access this tab to amend things that will be reflected while managing the campaigns.

As the thumbnails suggest, they have the same meaning.

Explore this tab to know more about customization.

Hit the save button after making the changes.


Customize Tracking and Invoice.

You will find the Global fallback URL here. Also, You can amend some settings directly connected to the Tracking and also set up Currency Exchange Rates corresponding to multiple currencies as shown in the reference image below. 

Invoices section allows you to customize the general settings which revolve around the invoices raised for the publishers and Advertiser's End. You can change the monthly cycle or add multiple settings to it.


Content Customization.

At the end of the left panel of the dashboard, you will see two options. The usage of those sections is described below in brief.

1. SignUp Questions: This tab will allow you to add and remove the questions that need to be asked from the publisher or Advertiser before doing the registration on the Trackier platform.

You can add the Re-Captcha for your registration page through this tab as well. To add the ReCaptcha the necessary steps are mentioned on the page to generate the Site Key and Secret Key. 

2. Email Notifications: This tab will allow you to activate and deactivate the quick auto-generated emails from our platform. These Notifications basically notify the Admin when some Important changes have been done, or some targets have been achieved.

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