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Team UP- Add your amazing team

Trackier allows you can easily divide the verticals among your team members for much better efficiency and run. These managers can access the publishers and advertisers based on the roles given to them. Each role will come with some new responsibilities and access conditions.


How to add Team Members?

1. Accessing the Team members section.

  • Hit the Trackier icon placed at the top right corner of your dashboard to access the Team Members section.

2. Adding new team members.

  • You can add a member through the action button on the top right as shown in the image below. You can manage the permissions allowed for the team members that you will add. Following that, fill in the required details and hit the Save button.

Description of team members

  1. Publisher Manager - Access to assigned publishers and their data. Responsible to manage all the publisher's end data and reports. They will not be able to access any other function in the panel except the assigned publishers.

  2. Advertiser Manager - Access to assigned advertisers and their data. Responsible to manage all the advertiser's end data and reports. They will not be able to access any other function in the panel except the assigned Advertisers.

  3. Operation Manager - Access to the reports and operational works. The Publishers can be assigned through the operational Manager, but no edit access will be given to them. They can access advertisers as well as publisher Reports. They will not be able to fetch the tracking link for the publishers.

  4. Analyst - Read-only access to all network data. They can manage the campaigns and can fetch the tracking links for the publishers except that no other edit function is assigned to them. They have access to Manage the Publishers and Advertisers on the main dashboard and can edit their postbacks.

  5. Admin - Complete access is given to the admins. They can assign multiple tasks and roles to their team members and can monitor them according to their roles. They can edit and change any setting on the panel.

  6. Sub-admin - Complete access has been given to those who are assigned with this designation. The only thing that they cannot access is the billing and invoice side details on the panel. They can also edit the global-level payouts irrespective of the publisher assigned to them. Under-reporting section sub admins can view the report of their reporters as well.

  7. Accountant - Access to generate invoices for all advertisers and publishers. The accountant can access invoices' details, approve them and change their status as well. 

  8. Custom - With the Custom role you can decide what all permissions you would want to give to your members and alter them as per your needs and requirements.

  • Add the name, email address and account status of the member along with the role that you would want to assign them.

  • In case of custom the permissions tab will be displayed like in the picture below

One can also edit, disable, delete or login as any of the member in the main view panel

In case you have any issues please mail us at support@trackier.com

Managing your team members

Once you have added team members, you can make changes to their access as per your need. 
To do so, you have to select the member you want to make changes to and  you will be directed to the following interface:

You can click on any of the edit options to change the settings provided you have the access to do so.

Trackier also provides the option to add additional role to a member which will give extended access to the member.

Upon doing this, you can provide the access to view reports of publishers of your choice.
you can either select the publishers manually or you can upload a csv to perform this action in bulk.

Sample csv  file for doing so:

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