Automation is designed to help Trackier users to automate most of the process and be more productive in optimization and scaling their Business.

This module helps you to do 1 click API integration with more than 150+ Adnetworks, Mobile attribution partners, Save $$$ with Anti-Fraud tools and Auto Link tests. Easy upload and update Conversions, Publishers and Advertisers data.

Under each you can find how a particular feature will help you to boost your ROI and increase your productivity. 

  1. Network API Integration
  2. MMP Integration
  3. Utility Tool Integration
  4. Smart Link
  5. CR Optimisation Rule
  6. Anti-Fraud Tool
  7. Publisher Data Migration
  8. Advertiser Data Migration
  9. Campaign Data Migration
  10. Conversion Data Migration
  11. Link Test
  12. API Management

To request more integration with any third-party tool or Network please contact us at