In Trackier you can upload New Campaigns data and bulk edit the existing Campaigns. Also, this helps you to Migrate from any of your existing platform to Trackier very easily and efficiently. 

We have divided this in 3 Use cases Check which suits best.

  • Edit the existing Campaign
  • Adding New Campaign
  • Migrating Campaign data from a different platform.


Please remove the unwanted column while uploading it.

Step 1

Get ready with the correct CSV

CSV Column Required In different Case


Fields are Required in CSV.

  Not Required, remove the column from CSV.

* default -  represent value system will consider If you don't upload CSV with that field.

Please remove the unwanted column while uploading it.

Column NameEdit Existing CampaignAdding New CampaignMigrating Campaign ( only for New User)



The system will automatically assign IDs in continuation.If you want to keep the same id as earlier Platform then you can add those camp id.



If Required *( default - Active ) *( default - Active )
VisibilityIf Required *( default - Private)
*( default - Private)
TitleIf Required
Tracking URLIf Required
Preview URLIf RequiredIf RequiredIf Required
Geo_CoverageIf Required *( default - ALL) *( default - ALL)
CurrencyIf Required *( default - Panel currency) *( default - Panel currency)
PayoutIf RequiredIf Required (If not uploaded then it will be added as 0.)If Required  (If not uploaded then it will be added as 0,)
RevenueIf RequiredIf Required (If not uploaded then it will be added as 0.)If Required (If not uploaded then it will be added as 0.)
ObjectiveIf Required
DescriptionIf RequiredIf RequiredIf Required
External Offer IDIf RequiredIf RequiredIf Required


  •  Editing: In this, any Column you add in CSV along with Campaign ID, then campaigns will be edited or updated.
  • Adding New Campaign: In this, there is no need to add camp id as the system will assign them ID automatically in sequence.
  • Migration: You can add Campaign id and it will stay as it is so that you can upload Conversion data as well, by keeping the same Campaign ID, Publisher ID and Advertiser ID you can upload Conversion data easily.  ( this is only possible in the fresh account or new users).

Value Supported

Column NameValue Supported


approved | pending | paused | deleted


private | permission | public


  • Country ISO Code (ex: US, DE) for reference click here.
  • Use ALL if no specific Geo mentioned,
  • Use comma separated for multiple Geo's. (US,DE,MX)
CurrencyUse 3 letter Currency Code (ex: USD, INR, BRL, AED) for references click here.


  • Please make sure you are using the correct spelling of values that are supported for Status, visibility, Objective, Geo and Currency. 
  • Don't put anything in the blank cells not even "-" if no data is applicable.
  • Remove unwanted column from CSV, so that there is no chance of error.

Step 2

Go To the CSV upload option in the panel.

Once you are ready with CSV then go to Automation > Data Import > Campaign CSV.

Step 3

Map the CSV column with drop down value

Click upload CSV and you find the option to map column name, make sure it matches and click on Upload.

Step 4

Wait to CSV get uploaded

  • Once uploaded it takes 1 min to 4 hours to get processed depends on CSV size. 
  • Once Processed Data will be reflected in 5 Min.
  • In one go CSV Upload System support up to 50k Row, if there are more than 50K row we recommend split in 2.
  • Keep a check on a log to check the status for completion or Error.