Trackier provides you an option to automatically test campaigns if their links are working fine or not, it can also notify you when the link stops working or if there is preview URL mismatch. 


You can set this rule for:

  • API Offers
  • Manual Offers


Use case of this feature:

  • You can auto-check if the link is broken in between and save traffic.
  • You will get the notification if there is preview URL mismatch. 
  • You will get to know when traffic is redirected to advertiser's end and when hops for campaign get exceeded.
  • You can automate the process to work with a set number of redirections' offer to maximize the profit and cash flow.
  • You can set rules for both manual and API campaigns.
  • You can manually check links of a particular campaign with AutoTest feature.

To set this feature, you need to subscribe the Offer Checker from Automation > Offer Checker.


You will get 1000 checks free per month. you can test offers in Trackier without leaving Trackier tab, learn more from here.

Steps to setup the Offer test rule.

Setup Filter For Auto Test

In this step, you can filter out campaign advertiser which you want to test.

You can set the filter on 

  • All Advertiser Campaign:
    • In this, you can include all campaigns and advertisers, Although you can exclude or include certain advertisers. 
    • This rule will be implemented on both the API and manual campaigns.

  • Single Advertiser Campaigns:
    • In this, you can create a rule on each advertiser level as per your requirement.
    • You can exclude campaign on which you don't want to set the rule.
    • Here you can set the option on which type of campaign rule needs to be implemented.
      • Imported via Integrations only
      • Manually created
      • Both of them

  • Selected Campaign Only:
    • It can be any campaign, you can add both API and manually created campaign here.

Conditions and Settings

Here you can set the conditions and settings for the test.

Test Conditions

  • If Hope Exceeded By
    Here you need to define what is your ideal redirection with which you want to work. Some of the networks prefer 2-3 redirections, as lesser the better.

  • Preview URL Mismatch.
    Enable this, if you want to test if the final landing page of the advertiser tracking URL matches the preview URL or not.


You need to select any one or both of them to move forward.


  • Notify me
    This feature will be coming soon, with this you will get automated in-app notification and emails whenever offers failed the test condition.

  • Suspended Campaign
    If enabled, the campaign will be suspended if any of the test condition fails for any campaign. You can select. 
    • Never - It will never suspend the campaign (by default)
    • When the check is failed once - when the condition is failed once then rule suspends the campaign.
    • When the check is failed three times - When the condition is failed three times, only then suspend the campaign.


  • Test Frequency:
    You can set how frequently you want Offer Checker to test offer. Shorter frequency is recommended for better results.

  • Re-activate offer if all test condition pass
    You can select what should be the status of the campaign which passes the test.
    • Disabled - If this setting is disabled, then the system will take priority of the status that you have selected while creating an API or you have kept status of the campaign manually.
    • Enabled (suspended offer only) - It will change the status of offer which passed the test to Active from suspended status.
    • Enabled (suspended + pending offer only) - It will change the status of offer which passed the test to Active from Suspended and Pending status Offer.


  • Offer Checker will check the status of Offer which are live in API integration based on the conditions you have set
  • It will not interfere with the status change of the offer in API from the advertiser's end.
  • If advertiser paused the offer or removed the offer from the API, then it will be paused automatically regardless of the setting of Offer Checker.