If your conversion not recorded on Trackier don't panic we got your back, below are the possible troubleshoot you can try.

Step 1

Select the Advertiser and Open Debug page

To start with troubleshooting go to Advertiser > Debug Postback. Once you get there select:

  • An advertiser in which you get an Issue.
  • Date range in which postback is fired from Advertiser end.

Step 2

Error Message And Possible Solution

In this section, you can check the Error message appears in the Debug Postback and accordingly can take Action and get it to resolve on your own.


Case 1: When you can see the Click ID in the Click ID column

Reason: Click doesn't Belong to Trackier platform advertiser tried to manually fire postback with random click ID

  • Copy the click ID and Seach in click log if you don't find that then it confirms it doesn't belong to us.
  • Make sure security token matches with the postback you have shared.

  • Ask Advertiser to do postback test with system and don't use random or old click id to fire postback.
  • Ask advertised to use correct postback with the correct security token.

Case 2: No click id in Click id column, instead there is some random parameter

Reason: Advertiser is not passing us correct Click ID in Postback via correct Macro or we are sending Advertiser Trackier Click ID in the Wrong Parameter.

  • Check that In which Parameter you are passing Advertiser Trackier Click Id and confirm with Advertiser if that is the right parameter
  • Confirm with Advertiser through which macro they are passing us Click ID back in a postback.

  • Correct if you are using the wrong advertiser Parameter in Advertiser Tracking Link.
  • Make sure Advertiser is passing back us click id using correct macro, it should be the same in which we are sending them Trackier Click ID.


Reason: When you are tracking multiple conversion from same click id and you have not enabled the option to track multiple conversion or Goal


  • If you want to track multiple-goal conversion from same click id then you need to enable the option in particular goal to " track multiple-goal from same click ID"
  • If you want to track Multiple conversion from the same click id, enable option for same in Campain Setting.

Solution:  you can use any one of them.

  • Add txn_id=UNIQUE_ID, where UNIQUE_ID/ LEAD_ID need to be replaced by your advertiser if they don’t have any macro for that use RANDOM in postback
  • Enable the option to track multiple conversion from the same click id.


Reason: You have shared the wrong postback to the advertiser.

Debug: Make sure security token in error log matches with Advertiser level Global postback.

Solution: Share the correct Advertiser Postback and run the test again.



  • In the case of MMP partner, you have create a goal with the wrong goal value which is available on the MMP partner panel as an event identifier name.
  • In case of normal postback you have share wrong goal_value in a postback with the advertiser.


  • MMP Partner: Ask the advertiser Goal name for each goal that they will be sending to us.
  • Normal Postback: what goal you have created in the campaign


  • Create a goal with same goal value which is on MMP partner.
  • Check whether you have passed the correct goal_value in the postback.

Step 3

When it is Success?

If you find "  – –  " it means there is no Error and everything working fine. you did a great job!