If your conversion is not recorded on Trackier do not panic, we got your back, below are the possible troubleshoots you can try.


Step 1: Select the Advertiser and Open Debug Postback page

To start with troubleshooting go to Advertiser > Debug Postback. Once you get there select:

  • An advertiser with whom you got an Issue.
  • Date range in which postback is fired from the Advertiser's end.

Step 2 : Error Message And Possible Solution

In this section, you can check the Error message appearing in the Debug Postback and take actions accordingly to resolve it on your own.


Case 1: When you can see the Click ID in the Click ID column

Reason: Click doesn't belong to Trackier platform, advertiser tried to manually fire postback with random click ID

  • Copy the click ID and search in click log if you don't find that then it is confirmed that it doesn't belong to us.
  • Make sure security token matches with the postback you have shared.

  • Ask Advertiser to do postback test with system and don't use random or old click id to fire postback.
  • Ask advertiser to use correct postback with the correct security token.

Case 2: No click id in Click id column, instead there is some random parameter

Reason: Advertiser is not passing us correct Click ID in Postback via correct Macro or we are sending Advertiser Trackier Click ID in the wrong parameter.

  • Check that In which Parameter you are passing Advertiser Trackier Click Id and confirm with Advertiser if that is the right parameter
  • Confirm with Advertiser through which macro they are passing us Click ID back in the postback.

  • Correct if you are using the wrong advertiser Parameter in Advertiser Tracking Link.
  • Make sure Advertiser is passing back us click id using correct macro, it should be the same in which we are sending them Trackier Click ID.


Reason: When you are tracking multiple conversion from same click id and you have not enabled the option to track multiple conversion or Goal


  • If you want to track multiple-goal conversion from same click id then you need to enable the option in particular goal to " track multiple-goal from same click ID"
  • If you want to track Multiple conversion from the same click id, enable option for same in Campaign Setting.

Solution:  you can use any one of them.

  • Add txn_id=UNIQUE_ID, where UNIQUE_ID/ LEAD_ID needs to be replaced by your advertiser if they don’t have any macro for that, use RANDOM in postback.
  • Enable the option to track multiple conversions from the same click id.


Reason: You have shared the wrong postback to the advertiser.

Debug: Make sure security token in error log matches with Advertiser level Global postback.

Solution: Share the correct Advertiser Postback and run the test again.



  • In the case of MMP partner, you have create a goal with the wrong goal value which is available on the MMP partner panel as an event identifier name.
  • In case of normal postback you have shared wrong goal_value in a postback with the advertiser.


  • MMP Partner: Ask the advertiser the Goal value for each goal that they will be sending to us.
  • Normal Postback: Check what goal you have created in the campaign.


  • Create a goal with same goal value which is on MMP partner.
  • Check whether you have passed the correct goal_value in the postback.

Step 3 : When it is Success?

If you find "  – –  " it means there is no Error and everything is working fine. You did a great job!