This article is intended for ad networks that want to integrate with the Adjust solution. Adjust can send Trackier attribution data for both installs and in-app events. 

As no signup is required on Adjust, You can take a campaign live with just 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Ask Advertiser for APP URL

You need to ask the advertiser to share the App URL that you want to promote.

Base attribution link URL

Adjust base URLDefinitionDescription

Base URL

Adjust endpoint


Application ID

Dynamic value that differs for each app

Step 2

Get Ready with your Install and Event Postback

You can find Install and Event postback in your platform, Go to Automation > Integration > MMP Partner > Appsflyer.
You will find there the following:

  • Network Level Install Postback
  • Network Level Event Postback

Step 3

Open Adjust Partner page by clicking here

Now fill the form as per Screenshot below.


Step 4

Now create a campaign in Trackier with the link which is generated by Adjust.

Also, you need to add Goal in the campaign and need to keep the same goal_value that you had used in Token.

Now test the camp check Advertiser Debug Postback to check if everything is alright, after that you can take the campaign live.

In case you have any issue please mail us at