After you made the test and you find no conversion then you can check the pixel log and find the possible error and possible solution in this KB.

Then while testing you can yourself check if Advertiser placed the pixel correctly on the required pages.

Possible solution
--It means success and there is no error.

BLANK (there is nothing on the page)

It means no pixel is placed on the advertiser end or it is not in <body> tag.


 Users have not landed on the landing page from the tracking link, it might be organic conversion.


It means no valid click is available against this pixel firing. 
DUPLICATE_CLICK_IDIt means conversion is already recorded with the same click id if it is a purchase type campaign then enables tracking multiple conversion from the same click id from goal setting.
INVALID_CLICK_IDIt means click id doesn't belong to the Trackier Platform. and it is not a genuine test with the Trackier tracking link.
INVALID_CAMPAIGN_IDIt means pixel of other campaign is placed on Advertiser end, please check and share the pixel again.
INVALID_GOAL_VALUEThe goal value created in the campaign is not matching what we are getting in the fired pixel log. it can be possible while adding pixel something got omitted from value. check and correct the value in pixel.

Steps to find if Advertiser placed pixel correctly

Step 1 

Generate Tracking link (make sure it matches the same domain of iframe/Image Pixel)

Step 2

Paste that tracking link in the browser and press Enter.

Step 3 

When Page gets Open, Right-click anywhere on the page and open INSPECT.

Step 4

Select NETWORK in the INSPECT menu and Check PRESERVE LOG.

Step 5

Fill the test Lead on the page and submit.

Step 6

When Thank you page appears, Search “your tracking domain” in the INSPECT menu and try to find your Pixel.

Make sure the placement of pixel

  • If you find the pixel and it is fired check-in pixel log and conversion log
  • Make sure your txn_id and sale_amount and any other parameter you had added in pixel getting value replaced.
  • If you don't find your pixel in the list, then the pixel is still not placed, take Screenshot of full page with developer mode on and share the same with the advertiser.
  • Once it is added by the advertiser make a Test again with the Trackier tracking link.

When you successfully recorded the conversion you can take the campaign live.