You can check the redirection of your Tracking URLs from the offer checker feature in Trackier. 

You would need to configure offer checker from the Automation section present in your panel's sidebar.



Please configure the offer checker by going to the Offer Checker section in the automation features.

Trackier client can use the offer checker tool for 1000 checks per month without any additional cost. To set up offer checks you can follow this guide.

With this feature you don't need to open any other tools, you can check the links of advertisers from the panel itself.

How to test?

Go to particular campaign > click on test offer icon

Then the system will automatically take all the targeting for device, OS, Geo and redirections to the Offer Checker page in Trackier Itself, where you can see the result.

You just need to click on Run Test, and you can see all the redirections and final lading page.

You can access this page directly from Campaign > Offer Check.

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