Trackier has introduced another problem-solving feature, the Traffic split option. This helps the network to divide traffic into multiple landing pages. 


You can do A/B testing of landing pages and check which gives you the best conversion and redirect more traffic to a particular Landing Page.

You can do A/B testing with up to 10 landing pages in this rule and check which works best for you. First, you need to add Landing Page in the particular campaign, then set the rule. This feature is available in the Trackier enterprise plan.

Setting Up Split Rule

  • You can find this feature in Particular campaign > Settings > Traffic Split
  • To enable the rule, check the box which says “Enable Traffic Split Across Landing Pages”.
  • All the active landing pages you add in the campaign landing page section will be visible here.
  • Set the percentage of traffic you need on the particular landing page.
  • Set 0 in percentage if you want to exclude it from the rule.

Restrictions for traffic split usage

  • No landing page targeting should be added (for eg Country, city or region)
  • No landing page/pre-lander specified in the Publisher tracking link.
  • No random landing / pre-landing is specified in the tracking link.

Landing Page Performance Report

To access the report, from the right menu go to Report > Campaign Report > Filter > Landing page.

Select the landing page from the 'Group by' filter and search, then you can check all the information related to that landing page.