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Use of Postback, Iframe Pixel & Image Pixel

Here you can find the use case and difference between server postback, HTTP/HTTPS image, and HTTP/HTTPS Iframe pixel.


Difference between Postback, Image and Iframe Pixel

Server Postback
Image Pixel
Iframe Pixel

 s2s postback integration comprises of URL that will send conversion from Advertiser server by replacing click id you have sent via tracking URL.

It is a small piece of the code snippet that you copy and pastes at the thanks you page, of the landing page, inside the <body> tag.

iFrame pixels is similar to Image pixel but it can work as a piggy bank which holds more pixels inside it, which you will add on the Platform for Affiliate.
Click id is mandatory.Click id is not mandatory.Click id is not mandatory.
Need to place at the server or Tracking Software.
Need to place at code directly or via GTM inside <body> tag.

Need to place at code directly or via GTM inside <body> tag.

Recommended above all the methods.Least Recommended.
Recommended above Image Pixel.
Google/Facebook pixel can't be added On Trackier with this integration.Google/Facebook pixel can't be added On Trackier with this integration.
Google/Facebook pixel CAN be added On Trackier with this integration.


Server Postback (s2s)


Image Pixel

<img src="https://demo.gotrackier.com/pixel?adid=5fcf7xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx03dc3">

iFrame Pixel

<iframe src="https://demo.gotrackier.com/pixel?adid=5fcfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx0dc3" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1"></iframe>

In case of any issue mail us at support@trackier.com

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