Trackier <> Woo-Commerce

If you are working with the woo-commerce and looking forwarded to integrate woo-commerce with Trackier. with the help of JS pixel you will be able to integrate it. With Trackier's JS pixel you will be able to configure the click and conversion flow with Woo-commerce and Trackier. 

Integration Process

A simple snippet pixel code you need to place on the thank you page and you are good to go with it. While placing the pixel code into the thankyou page <function.php> you need to configure a path to send information from woo-commerce to Trackier.

Offer setup and conversion tracking pixel 

You need to create the offer and after setting up the offer you can find the JS pixel, Navigate to Automation > E-commerce tab > Woo-Commerce "Setup Instructions"

Trackier's JS pixel example

<script type="text/javascript">(function(){var a=document.createElement("iframe");a.setAttribute("src","");"1";"1";document.body.appendChild(a)})();</script>

You can pass the appropriate macros in the JS pixel to track the OrderID, sale amount and save it on the thankyou page <function.php>.

Adding the Code correctly on the thank you page. 

At the time of placing the snippet code into file manager of woo commerce in thankyou page. You should be very careful at the time of placing it that you are placing it into the right File. 

If you have default Woo-Commerce's thankyou page then go to the template and thankyoupage.php and there you need to place the snippet code.

if you have your own custom thank you page or you are using any of these and its thankyou page then Navigate to Theme > Theme function > function.php > thankyoupage and there you need to find <body> <body/> tag and place the snippet code in it. 

Integration Testing

Once the integration process has been completed. Trackier allows you to make a test conversion on click and conversion level. You can navigate to the campaign > generate the test link and make a test on the campaign. 

In case of any help in the integration process, you can contact our support team 24*7 or can mail us to