Once you are done with Skadnetwork Setup with Apple you can start integration with Adjust to get back conversion.


Step 1 : Getting Privacy Postback From Trackier

In your account go to Automation > Integration > Mobile Marketing platform > Adjust > Setup Instruction.

Trackier Receiving Parameter

Adjust MacroTrackier ParameterDescription



To receive Publisher ID on your panel

Campaign ID


To receive Camp Id on your Platform

Creative_id{creative_id}To receive creative id of conversion

Step 2 : Setup Your Postback On Adjust Interface

You need to set up your Privacy Postback on Adjust Interface, You need to connect with the Adjust team to place the postback at their end.

Final Postback would look like this ( Just an example, domain and security code will vary from client to client).

Install Advanced Privacy Postback Sample


Event Advanced Privacy Postback Sample

Step 3 : Integration Testing

Once Postback is set you can move to the test part, you can find Steps to make a successful Test from Here .

In case of any issue mail us at support@trackier.com