Before making your campaign live, it is advised to run a postback test, to confirm whether all the Macros and Parameters are placed successfully in the right position. Through the postback test, we get the confirmation that conversions are getting tracked at our end as well as on the publisher's end.

Postback has to be updated with Trackier's macro before adding it to our panel.


Steps to make a postback test

Step 1- Go to "Publisher' 

Step 2 - Go to the "Postback/Pixels option.

Step 3 - Go to the"Action" button on the top and click on "Postback Test"

Step 4 - Enter the Tracking Link provided by your publisher

Step 5 - Run the test.  If the postback test is done successfully, you will see a success message on the screen.

After getting the confirmation that the conversion has been recorded from the publisher's end, it is advised to delete that test conversion through the conversion logs.

In case of any issue mail us at