Pixel helps you to gather valuable information about your campaign visitors and to understand what actions they took. Once you have created a Pixel-based campaign then the next step is to place the pixel on the Thank you page of your Landing Page.

Here are the steps you need to follow to collect the pixel-

1- Go to the particular campaign and open it.

2- You will be able to see the "Conversion Tracking" option in the bottom right of the page.

3- Here you will find the link to the pixel. You can copy the link and add it to the Thank you page of your Landing page.

There are some points we need to keep in mind while creating a Pixel-based campaign-

1- If you are creating a Pixel-based campaign then while creating the campaign you have to select either the iframe pixel or image pixel option while selecting the conversion tracking option. 

2- If you have selected any other option while creating the campaign, you can follow these steps-

 a)-Go to the campaign

 b)-Open the Settings

 c)-You will see "Conversion Tracking" option in the basic settings. If you have selected "Server         Postback" option then change it to iframe pixel or image pixel.

 d)- Now you can go the "Conversion Tracking" section and collect the Pixel from there.