If you have created a pixel-based campaign and you are not able to record the conversions then these are the steps you need to follow to find out the issue-

Step 1- You need to check if the advertiser has placed the pixel correctly on the landing pages. To check this you need to follow these steps-

1- Go to the "Postback Hits Received" option in the Advertiser tab.

2- Select the "Campaign" and "Advertiser"

Here you can enter the details and can see if there are any errors or not.

To check the possible list of errors please Click Here

Step 2- Check if the advertiser has placed the pixel properly or not. To do this please follow these steps-

1- Generate a tracking link( Make sure it's in the same domain of the iframe/Image Pixel)

2- Go to Incognito mode of the browser and allow third-party cookies to do the test.

3- Paste the tracking like in the browser.

4- Once the link opens, "Right Click" on the page and open the "Inspect" option

5- Select "Network" in the "Inspect" menu and check the "Preserve Log" option.

6- Fill the test lead on the page and submit.

7- Once you have completed the process, search for your domain in the "Inspect' Menu and look for your pixel

These can be the possible actions you can take once you have completed the process-

  • If you find the pixel and it is fired check-in pixel log and conversion log
  • Make sure your txn_id and sale_amount and any other parameter you had added in pixel getting value replaced.
  • If you don't find your pixel in the list, then the pixel is still not placed, take a Screenshot of the full page with developer mode on and share the same with the advertiser.
  • Once it is added by the advertiser make a Test again with the Trackier tracking link.