Trackier platform allows you to track the campaigns in multiple different ways as described below-

1-Server Postback - Also knows as s2sintegration. In this process, the postbacks are shared with the advertiser and publishers. Using the correct macros and parameters the URLs are added and integration is being done accordingly.

2-Image Pixel - Multiple image pixels are being added at the Thank you page or the ending page, as soon as the registration or the objective has been completed the image pixel is being fired and the conversion is recorded.

3-iFrame Pixel -A single pixel is being added at the ending page. Hence when the page is reached during the objective the pixel fires, and the conversion is recorded.

How to select the conversion tracking option-

1- You should use the server postback option if you are creating a server-to-server campaign. If your advertiser is also using a platform like yours in that case you can select the server postback option.

2- If your advertiser is providing you the link to the landing page of his campaign, in that case, you should use the pixel conversion tracking method.

3- If you are creating your own campaign and using your own Landing page as a default URL link then you should also use the pixel conversion tracking method.