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Add your Application to your dashboard


When you log in to the Trackier MMP platform for the first time, the first thing you will be required to do is to add your application. Businesses and app owners can integrate their applications on Trackier’s MMP hassle-free.


Steps to add your application

Step 1 - Add your application

  • Once you enter the platform you can add an application by clicking on the "Add New App" option.

Step 2 - Add your application URL

  • There will be an option first to select the status of the application. There will be 3 options -
    a) Available in Google/App store - This signifies that your application is already present in app stores and is available for end users directly from there.

    b) Unpublished or Approval pending - This signifies that your application is not yet published in app stores and is still in the testing phase or waiting for approval.

    c) Android out-of-store APK - APK is “Android Application Package” which is an application file type used in the Android operating system. This option means that your application needs to be installed via websites and by downloading the APK file.

  •  Enter the application URL which you can find directly find from google or apple stores or can choose to copy/paste the same in case it’s out-of-store APK

Step 3 - Add application details

  • Operating System - Trackier supports all the 3 operating systems which are Android, iOS and Windows
  • Application Name - Enter your application name here

  • Category - This option will allow you to choose the category in which your application falls. If you are an educational app you can choose “Education” and so on and so forth.
  • Package Name/Bundle ID - Bundle ID is a unique application ID that you can modify, delete or edit. Once you enter your application URL this ID is automatically picked by the system.

  • Currency and Time - Enter the currency you deal in and the timezone you work with. 

Step 4 - SDK Integration

  • Once you finish the above process there will be an option to integrate the secret SDK key associated with your account. Through this “Software Development Kit,” you can record events and metrics of your application by putting in this piece of code at different events. You will see an instruction option as well (Highlighted in the picture) which will guide you step-by-step on how to set up this integration in your application. To know more about this click here.

Video to Watch

Once you integrate the SDK in your app, you can start using the platform and can make your campaigns live.

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