When you will log in to the Trackier MMP platform the first time, the first thing you will be required to do is "Add your Application". To add your application to the dashboard you can follow these steps

Steps to add your application

  • Step 1: Go to the "Action" button and click on "Add New App"
  • Step 2: Select Application Status
  • Step 3: Enter the "App Details"
  • Step 4: Integrate SDK

Step 1: Go to the "Action" button and click on "Add New App"

Adding your application is the first step to start your journey with Trackier MMP. Once you will log in to the platform you will see an "Action" button on the top. Click on the "Action" button and select the "Add New APP" option.

Step 2: Add your Application URL

Now you can select the status of your application. We support all applications and all the versions of your application. Once you have selected the status you can add the "Application URL"

Step 3: Enter the "App Details"

Now you can enter the "APP Details". We support all the operating systems. You can add your application name, category, currency, and timezone on this page.

Step 4: Integrate SDK

Once you have added all the details, you will get your 'SDK Secret Key" which you can integrate in your app.

Once you integrate the SDK in your app, you can start using the platform and can make your campaigns live.