Trackier MMP helps in providing the best measurement, analytics, engagement, and fraud protection technologies you need to scale your app to unprecedented heights.

When you log in to Trackier's MMP dashboard, you will be provided with multiple data reporting options. Our multiple reporting options help you understand the inclinations and trims in your data. 

With our multiple reporting options, you will have all your data aligned in one place and data analysis will be a lot easier for you.


Types of Reports

  • Daily Report

    Daily report groups the data by installs, events, clicks, revenue, costs, and sessions. You can use this reporting option to understand the daily trends and gain insights into your campaign performance. It will show various parameters like Installs, events, impressions, ROI etc. 
    You can visit the page Daily Reports for more information regarding the same.

  • Partner Report

    A partner report helps you analyze partner-wise data. It will show you the results for the partners that you are collaborating with and will further show metrics like Installs, Clicks, Revenue, Sessions Impressions etc.

  • Event(In-app) Report 

    In-app event reports help you to differentiate between useful and less-performing events. You can understand the user behaviour and make improvements accordingly. This report will show you the In-App events that are there in your application and will further show the associated revenue, rejected events and rejected revenue.

NOTE - You can filter your data as well based on various parameters -
a) Any particular partner, Agency or Geographic location
b) Hide organic data which when enabled will only show you inorganic data
c) In case of Events you can explicitly choose any event for which you want to fetch results
d) You can group your data as well based on Campaigns, Date, Country, Adset i.e. group of ad that share settings for how,when and where to run.
e)If you want to have shown data for only new users you can do that as well by enabling button "Show data from new users"

  • Activity Report 

    Within the activity report, you can see app activity, engagement, and in-app metrics. All the real-time updates are available in this reporting section. This reporting option has organic and non-organic traffic. You can understand your daily user and monthly user trends. You can see more information as part of the page Activity Report.

  • Retention Report

    Retention analysis is the process of analyzing user metrics to understand how long and how frequently users engage with a website or an app. Retention analysis helps you to gain knowledge on how to sustain a lucrative customer base by raising retention and new user acquisition rates. You can group your data into city, partner, agency, install date etc.
    The below picture is an example of grouping via city. This depicts that in Delhi 2 users installed your application but they didn't open it post that, therefore your retention rate for subsequent days is 0%. 

  • Uninstall Report

    This report will tell you the number of uninstalls that occurred for your application explicitly mentioning the date. You can choose the range for which you want to see this result

  • Agency Report

    The agency report is the same as that of the Partner report except it will show you the results for the Agencies that you have been working with.

  • Fraud Report

    This report will help you detect the fraud activities and events that are occurring in your application. For more information visit the page Fraud Report

  • Customer Report

      This report helps you view data for your customer base incase you want to see data via customer name, email id,                 phone number etc. You can see stats such as associated events, rejected events, rejected revenue and revenue.                   To know more go to page Customer Report

Video to Watch

Gain an aerial view on your campaign performance with the Trackier data reporting. Understand which partner provide you with the most installs, or perform cost and revenue analysis.