An in-app event is any user action triggered within your app after install. Trackier MMP will track all attribution events automatically and you can create custom in-app events to track all your user activities. Every event is assigned its own unique event ID which you'll use to set up event tracking.

Create Custom in-app events

  • Step 1: Select the "Custom Events" option from the drop-down.
  • Step 2: Add custom event.

Step 1: Select the "Custom Events" option

Go to the profile icon and click on the "Custom Event" option.

You will be able to see built-in events here as well. If you want to use the existing events then you can share SDK event id with your app development team for SDK integrations.

Step 2: Add Custom Event

To create "Custom Events" go to the "Action" button on the top and create a new event.

Once the event is created, share the SDK event ID with your team for SDK integrations.

Once you will integrate the SDK event ID, you will be able to track all the custom events on Trackier portal.

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