Any user action that occurs after the installation of your app is considered an In-app event. 

Trackier MMP will automatically track all attribution events, and you can create custom in-app events to track every action a user takes. 

In order to set up event tracking, each event is given a distinct event ID.


Steps to Create Custom Events

  • Go to Configuration and select "Custom events"
  • Click on "Add event" to create a new event
  • Name the event as per your wish

  •  After the event is created, you can share access to the SDK event ID with your team for SDK integrations.
  • In case you want to see the built-in event you can choose the filter option and can choose "Built-in events" under Event type. You can also filter your data based on the event ID and event name.

Video to Watch

Once you integrate the SDK event ID, you will be able to track all the custom events on Trackier portal.

In case of any issue, mail us at support@trackier.com