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Privacy Postback- Receiving Postbacks without Click ID

iOS 14 update created a buzz in the business for a variety of reasons, the most popular of them being App Tracking Transparency. 


While statistics for the industry show majority of users opting out of tracking, this move has left companies relying on this reservoir of user data for marketing purposes, confused and perplexed.

It has therefore become impossible to pass user identifiers such as click id, IP, device ID in the postback for tracking conversions. To tackle this case, Trackier has implemented a new process wherein you can use Privacy postbacks to attain probablistic attribution, and make data trackable.

Since click id will no longer be returned by the MMP, we will need to send them campaign ids and publisher ids from Adnetwork using Trackier and their sub publishers and sub campaigns. 

What has changed?

We need a new parameter in which we will get data of campaign id and publisher so that we can track conversion

  • For appsflyer it is → af_adset_id

  • For trackier it is → p8

  • For affise it is → sub8

  • For swarm it is → pea_chain

Why this is required?

  • Because advertiser will not send click id, so we need two things → campaign id and publisher id to track conversion on Trackier’s panel

  • And we need publisher end’s campaign id and publisher id as well that is why the setup looks like this: &p8{p8}|{camp_id},{publisher_id}

Case 1:  When your Advertiser is integrated with Appsflyer

How it works on Click Level

Add &af_adset_id={p8}|{camp_id},{publisher_id} to the Campaign url 

  • &af_adset_id = The parameter to capture campaign id and publisher id for Appsflyer
  • p8 = Trackier's parameter to capture publisher's campaign id and sub publisher id

Step 2

In the tracking url of the publisher, add  &p8={your_campaign_id},{your_sub_publisher_id}

How it works on Conversions Level

In the postback url of your advertiser, add &p8={af_adset_id}

Sample of postback link for Appsflyer:


How it works on Conversions Level

You can record Impressions conversion as well through Privacy postback.

Append &vta=1 in your privacy postback.


Case 2: When the Advertiser is using a Tracking Software

When the whole chain of redirect is quite long and there are many publishers, the flow becomes such that: the {p8} macro is used for the advertiser's tracking URL and &p8= parameter for the Probabilistic Attribution postback.

Step 1

Receive the campaign ID and publisher ID via &p8= parameter in your tracking link



  • &pub_id= -Your Publisher ID
  • &campaign_id= - Your Campaign ID
  • &p8= - parameter for receiving campaign ID and publisher ID of your publisher's sources
  • {p8} - Campaign IDs and Publisher IDs of your publisher's sources
  • {campaign_id} - Campaign ID on your Publisher side
  • {publisher_id} - Publisher ID on your publisher side

Step 2

Pass your Campaign ID and publisher ID as well as the campaign ID and publisher ID your sub sources via {p8} macro to your advertiser:


Clicks flow

Conversions flow


Trackier postback

Example data

Appsflyer sends



Client #1



Client #2



Client #3



Client #4



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