To receive the data in a valid format for the different use cases, partners must pass the appropriate information in the mentioned parameters. 

A user is directed to download the app after clicking an attribution link. Trackier receives a copy of the URL that was clicked.

Base Attribution link

The Base Attribution Link is a parameter that Trackier uses to record Clicks.

The link contains the following mandatory information:

  • Trackier Domain:
  • app_id: Unique identifier in the Trackier platform. This usually follows the format of ID in the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
  • Partner ID:  the identifier, allocated by Trackier, to the Ad Network / Publisher. 

Example Base Attribution Link:{partner_Id}

  • Redirects the user to download the app. 
  • Additional data relating to the engagement are appended to the link after. The available parameters are listed in the tables that follow.



Unique Ad network / Partner ID Identifier

site_idA unique ID that identifies the publisher that displays the ad.
sub_site_idSub Ad network / Partner ID
gaidGoogle Advertising ID from Ad Network
adAd name passed by Ad Network / Publisher
ad_idAd ID  passed by Ad Network / Publisher.
ad_groupAd Group name of the Ad passed by Ad name passed by Ad Network / Publisher.
ad_group_idAd Group ID of the Ad passed by Ad name passed by Ad Network / Publisher.

  • text: an ad unit containing only text, for example, a search result
  • banner: a basic format that appears at the top or bottom of the device screen
  • interstitial: a full-page ad that appears during breaks in the current experience
  • video: a standard video, that is non-rewarded
  • rewarded_video: an ad unit offering in-app rewards in exchange for watching a video
  • playable: an ad unit containing an interactive preview of the app experience
  • sponsored_content: a link included in a piece of sponsored content, like an advertorial article
  • audio: an audio ad

channelThe media source channel through which the ads are distributed, for example, Snapchat, Tik Tok, UAC_Search, UAC_Display, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network, etc.
campName of the Campaign Provided by Ad Network / Publisher.
camp_idID of the Campaign Provided by Ad Network / Publisher
  • 3 letter currency code compliant with ISO-4217. For example, USD, ZAR, EUR
  • [Default]: USD

  • Cost amount
  • Up to 3 digits after the decimal point.
  • Set ONLY numerical digits (use a decimal point if needed) Example: "21.05", "10.094"

app_idunique package ID of the App
app_nameunique Name  of the App
android_idDevice Android_id - passed by the ad network.
fire_aidAmazon Fire Advertising ID
p1-p5Open Parameter for Partner to send any custom data in the attribution URL
web_rRedirect users to the specified URL for Web Platform
ios_rRedirect users to the specified URL for the IOS Platform
android_rRedirect users to the specified URL for the Android Platform

Redirect users to the specified URL for both platforms (Android and iOS).


  • When r is set, you don't need to set the params ios_r, android_r, and web_r, since those redirections are included in r.

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