Start attributing your Facebook mobile app ads with the very easy one-time setup with Trackier.
You just have to follow the below steps and the attributions will start for any app that you want to promote from your Facebook account.

Step 1:

Retrieve your Facebook App ID:
-To create your facebook App ID you need to go to your App dashboard on your facebook account.
-Create your New App under the App section and complete all the details
-Once created, click on the required App on the dashboard and copy the APP ID from top of the screen.

Step 2:

Add APP ID to Trackier:

-Go to the integrated partner > Facebook on trackier and click on Continue with Facebook.

-A pop up will appear where you need to enter your facebook user id and password.

-Once done, add the App id retrieved in step 1 and save.

Make sure the "Activate partner" button is active on the trackier's Facebook integration page.