Retention analysis is the process of analyzing user metrics to understand how long and how frequently users engage with a website or an app. Retention analysis helps you to gain knowledge on how to sustain a lucrative customer base by raising retention and new user acquisition rates.

Such data can be fetched easily from Trackier MMP. All you have to do is go to your app's dashboard and you will be able to see all the reports including the retention report. 

The report will be displayed as shown in the image below:

To fetch the report for a particular date, the date range and limit can be set from the date range card. 

You can filter the report partner-wise and geo-wise which can be selected from the filter shown in the report. You can also group the report on various parameters mentioned below:

  • Partner
  • Ad ID
  • Site ID
  • Channel
  • City
  • Agency
  • Install date

One example of grouping the data city-wise is shown below: 

The data represented in the blue coloured cell determines the rate of retention. The higher the retention rate, the darker will be the colour.