Active users is a measurement metric that helps measure the level of user engagement with a certain product.

Companies count the number of unique users who have interacted with a website or app over the past month or daily. These measurement KPIs are known as Monthly Active Users (MAU) and Daily Active Users (DAU) respectively. 

This stickiness metric indicates your app's ability to attract and retain users over time.

As these metrics are crucial for one's business, Trackier MMP calculates these numbers for you and shows them on your MMP reporting dashboard.

To fetch this data, you need to go to the App > Report > Activity Report and the dashboard will display all the MAU and DAU data and trends.

The dashboard also shows the the activity table which summarises the below metrics for a certain partner -

  • Installs
  • Events
  • Clicks
  • Revenue
  • Cost 
  • Sessions
  • Impressions
  • Uninstalls
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Average Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Average DAU/MAU Ratio

All the above data can be filtered out on the basis of specific partners and specific Geos as well by clicking on the filter icon and selecting the partners and Geos respectively for which you want the dashboard to display the data.