The audience is the current or previous users of your app that meet certain criteria you specify. This article tends to explain these criteria using one or more sets of rules (called, appropriately, rules).

Once you have defined an audience and connected with a partner, Trackier User Audiences create an audience in the partner system and send the members' identification to the partner. This enables them to serve your ads only to these users.

All information needed to upload audience data to our advertising partner is specified in the partner link. You can have multiple contacts from one advertising partner (using different accounts, login information, etc.)


Set-Up Instructions

To add an audience:

  • Go to Integration > User Audiences

  • Click Add Audience.
    The Build tab displays.

  • Enter a unique Audience name.

  • Select the platform: Android or iOS.

  • Select Advanced settings to select the user identifier:
  • Select New ruleset.
  • Build the audience guided by the user interface.
    - For specific information about rule options, see All about rulesets.
    - Combine rulesets using the operators and, or, exclude.
    - As you build your audience, the panel on the right side automatically update estimated audience and per-partner upload sizes.
  • Complete defining the audience, click Save audience, and proceed.
    The audience connection window opens.

  • Do one of the following:

    - To add a new connection, follow the steps as described in the Add a connection section, below.

    - To select from existing connections:Click Link connections.

    • Select one or more existing connections.
    • Click Save.
      The Audience connection window opens. 
    • [Optional] Split an audience between partners and a control group
    • [Optional] Copy split groups to S3.
  • Click Save.