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This feature consists of 4 different tools for different usage and it can be of great help for you and your team from getting new customers to inventory management.The 4 different tools are listed below along with details:


Segment-Segment is an analytics collection platform that passes user and event data to other platforms for analytics, tracking, and business intelligence purposes. By taking a few steps to coordinate your Trackier and Segment accounts, you’ll be able to route that data to Trackier.


Intercom-Intercom is a Customer Communications Platform. It shows you who is using your product or website and makes it easy to personally communicate with them with targeted content, behavior-driven messages, and conversational support.This platform helps to send mail to targeted customers in app messages along with push notifications to get more customer signups.

GST-The goods and services tax (GST) is a tax on goods and services sold domestically for consumption. The tax is included in the final price and paid by consumers at point of sale and passed to the government by the seller. The GST is a common tax used by the majority of countries globally.This platform helps to verify the GST details shared by the publisher and it also helps us to check if the GST number is valid or not to avoid any kind of fraud.

Precoro- This platform allows organizations to automate the process of purchasing goods/services and maintaining inventory. It helps manage all the procurement-related processes, including: Sending purchase requisitions. Generating purchase orders. Selecting and managing vendors.

A permanent account number is a ten-character alphanumeric identifier, issued in the form of a laminated "PAN card", by the Indian Income Tax Department, to any "person" who applies for it or to whom the department allots the number without an application. You can now verify the PAN number for any publisher by -

  • Go to the signup question under Customize and add PAN as a mandatory field 

  • You will see in "Automation" under "Tools" the option for PAN verification

  • Now when any of the publishers would want to login they would be asked to enter a valid PAN number.

  • For any valid PAN number, you will see the status of the publisher as "Active" and for any invalid one you will status as "Invalid PAN number"

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