If you want to run your web campaign on Google ads, you need to setup parallel tracking on google ads.

before creating ads you need to create a campaign and integrate with the advertiser.

If you want to place google ads Java Script pixel on Trackier for ad optimisation you need to integrate website with iframe pixel.

Step 1 : Setup Google Ad Account

Create a google ads account and setup campaign, adgroup on google ads.

You can learn more about google ads setup here.

Step 2 : Setup Parallel Tracking in Google ad copy

Setup on Trackier

As you have already set campaign on Trackier like below, you need to add landing page URL while crateing camp, based on camp you are running.

 As per Screenshot 

1. Needs to be your Display URL

2. Needs to be your tracking template URL.

you can add &p1={gclid} in the URL to get google click id on Trackier platform.

Setup on Google ads

Setup final URL as per suggested in SS and setup in Campaign on Trackier panel.

In Tracking Template enter TrackierTrackier URL

One this is done parallel tracking is setup, you can check conversion report for the same.

If you want to place Google Java Script Pixel you can learne more here.