Trackier platform is capable to record server-side clicks from your affiliates and also will be able to mask your advertiser's tracking link.


We have mentioned the necessary steps in detail below.

Please contact your Account Manager to enable this feature

How to set it up?

You will find this setting on your campaign settings page. Once you enable the server-side clicks option, you will be asked the other two questions.

1. Whitelist pubs for server-side clicks: You will get an option to restrict the server-side clicks only for specific publishers. If no publisher will be selected in this section, it will automatically consider all the publishers.

2. S2S Redirect URL: This is the section where you will have to add the landing page, where you want your publishers to redirect. This will be the final landing page. There are certain changes that need to be done in this URL based on the method you will be using with your advertiser for sending the clicks.

Different methods of adding S2S click tracking

To send Singular clicks from the server side, you have to add these parameters to the default campaign URL.

1. IP - the raw IP Address

2. ve - the device OS version, e.g., "9.2"

The below-highlighted parameters are a must to add in the tracking link that you will receive from your advertiser and the play store URL that you will place in Trackier under the s2s tracking section.

Campaign URL format:{ip}&cl={click_id}&idfa={idfa}&aifa={gaid}&ua={user_agent}&sng_ref=partner_{click_id}&ve={os_version}

S2S Redirect URL format:{app_id}&referrer=partner_{click_id}

Note: You will get the partner name from Singular as you have signed up.

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