Campaigns are the foundation of any Marketing company. In this industry, campaigns are also referred to as offers. Campaigns can be thought of as the main epicentre from which all information is stored and passed to affiliates and brands, respectively.

Campaigns can generate tracking links, set multiple targeting options and select revenue and payout. 


How to create a Campaign

  • You will find the option for creating the campaign under Campaigns -> "Create Campaign"

Basic Details

  • Choose a payout plan - You can either choose CPA which is Cost per acquisition which means the affiliate will be charged as per the customers that are acquired via this campaign or you can go for rev share which provides the affiliate share of the revenue generated from NGR
  • Brand - Choose the brand for which you want to run the campaign
  • Product - You can also explicitly choose products for which you want run this campaign
  • Title - Give your campaign a suitable name
  • Description (Optional) - This block can include inside details about the campaigns.
  • Preview URL - The preview URL should include the link of the main landing page which the affiliates can see
  • Default campaign URL - This is the field where you will add your website URL. The users will land on this page through various traffic sources. There will be a list of the macros which you can add for the successful tracking process. To know more about the macros, go to this link.
  • Status - You can set the status for the affiliates. Either the campaign is paused or active or deleted.
  • Note (Optional) - Any additional information that you want to add which will further not be visible to the brand or the affiliates.


  • You can set the commission via 2 bases. One is FTD which is a first-time deposit i.e. when a player deposits money in a game for the first time. Second is Registrations i.e. signup/registration of a new player for a particular game/product
  • Currency - Choose the currency for the payouts
  • Geo coverage - This field should be filled with the GEOs in which you want the campaign to run. Basically, the traffic that will be coming for this campaign can be from any Geo but the conversions from the Geo's mentioned here will only be considered for the payment.
  • Payout - The amount that you want to pay to your affiliate

Advanced Settings

  • Visibility (Optional) - You can set the visibility of your campaign for your affiliates as either private, public or ask for permission
  • Thumbnail - You can add the thumbnail of your campaign which will be shown whenever someone accesses the campaign.

Hit the "Create" button once you have added all the necessary details

Video to Watch

In case of any issues please drop an email at support-igaming@trackier.com