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Daily Reports

Daily report groups the data by installs, events, clicks, revenue, costs, and sessions. You can use this reporting option to understand the daily trends and gain insights into your campaign performance.

a) Installs - The number of installs that occurred on that particular date
b) Events - In-App events are users' actions after installing an application like registration, Add to cart, Purchase, etc. This parameter will define the number of events on that particular day
c) Clicks - The number of clicks you received for your applications
d) Revenue and Cost - The revenue generated and the cost you put in for generating that revenue. You can evaluate the profit or loss that you are making by comparing these two.
e) Sessions - A session is a period of time wherein a user interacts with an app usually triggered by the opening of an app. This will show you the number of sessions users had with your application
f) Impressions - The number of times users would see your campaign or ad is what counts for impression.
g) Uninstalls - The number of uninstalls i.e. user uninstalled your application for that particular day
h) ROI - Return on investment will tell you the profit or loss you have made based on the money you have spent on any ad or campaign for your application vs the amount you are getting back from it.
i) Click to Install Rate - The number of people who saw your application to the people who actually installed your application. One can calculate the same via “Number of Installs/Number of Ad clicks”
j) Rejected Installs and Events - Fraud installs and events that are happening in your application are detected via the Fraud detection we offer with MMP

You can download the reports as well by clicking on the "Download Arrow" option and choose the date range for which you want the results 

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