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Fraud Detection


Trackier provides a built-in anti-fraud tool that can help you tackle fraud traffic issues and help you save your money, and keep your business healthy. 
Inside MMP, you will have the option to view the Fraud report through which you can easily see the fraud installs and in-app activities with respect to real-time data and post-attribution data.

There is also an option for "Anti Fraud Settings" inside every integrated partner wherein you can choose which feature of fraud detection you want to apply for your partner and which you don't.


In-Built Fraud Features

  • App version Mismatch - When the specified app version requested for the installation doesn't match the one installed by the user. To check the version installed is not any lower than the version of the application is having on the app store or play store.
  • Blacklist IP - This check compares the IP address of the device having the application against Trackier's fraud IP database and blocks any installs and events with matching IP addresses.
  • Duplicate IP - This check blocks multiple installs originating from the same IP address.
  • Emulator - An emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. It will check if any installation or any activity is happening from an emulator or any other non-physical device.
  • SDK Spoofing - SDK spoofing is the creation of legitimate-looking installs with data from real devices without the presence of any actual installs. Fraudsters utilize a real device to create installs that look real to consume an advertiser’s budget. Trackier has some predefined SDK spoofing checks like CTIT too low and hence blocks any event or install failing to pass the checks.
  • Signature Mismatch - This check enables the SDK signing verification for installs and events. If that verification fails it will detect that as fraud.
  • Untrusted Device - This check block installs and events origination from any device with an untrusted build. An untrusted device is one which shows illegitimate installs as they might be from an anonymous IP or carrying an invalid SDK signature.
  • Validation Rule Block - Validation rule helps you to identify and block the fraud traffic as per your requirements. You can add conditions as per your specifications. Validation rules add a unique layer of defence against fraudulent activity and campaigns that are improperly targeted. This feature will block any app or in-app event as stated in the rules.

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