Trackier offers you to manage your invoices directly from the Performance Marketing platform. In case you want to view, create, send and manage the invoices of your advertisers there is a panel for "Invoices" that allows you to do the same.


Features to Offer

  • Create New Invoice 

    a) Click "Add new" to generate a new invoice. Once that is done it will ask you to fill in data such as the advertiser for whom you are creating the invoice, type [Campaign wise, daily or monthly invoice], campaign names and the date range.

    b) Once you enter all the details an invoice will be generated. You will have the option to add the due date of the invoice, any additional notes you want to add for your advertiser, add the email of your team members or any changes in the amount if needed.

    c) Once you are ready with your invoice it will allow you to save or save and send i.e. send the invoice to your advertiser email.

You can choose the currency in which you want to generate the invoice. It will give you options and the currency exchange rates with respect to INR

  • Managing the Invoices

    a)  One can see the list of invoices generated along with - Invoice ID, Date, Advertiser, Amount, Due date, status [Paid, Overdue, Pending] and Campaigns involved.

    b)You can directly perform various actions over invoices like marking them paid, marking them as sent or deleting them

Please note that the same process and features are being allowed for Publishers as well

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