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PostBack Fired Report


Postbacks are events that occur when a web page is sent to retrieve the requested information from the server side and post the retrieved information back to the source of the request to mark the completion of an event/activity. There will be times when the conversions that occurred and the postback fired for those conversions will have a difference i.e. not all conversions will have the postback fired for them. In order to see that difference we have this report.


Reporting Attributes

  • Campaign name and ID - This section will tell you the campaign name as well as its unique ID
  • Publisher name and ID - Name of the publisher for whom the conversion has been listed and its ID
  • Approved Conversion - The total number of approved conversions. You can click on any of the figures as well to see the report of those conversions
  • Postbacks Fired - Total number of postbacks fired among those approved conversions
  • Difference - Difference between the approved conversion and Postbacks fired

  • Once you click on approved conversions it will take you to the conversion report where you can see click ID, Conversion ID, Conversion method, and many more here
  • To see among those conversions which all received postback you can simply copy click ID or conversion ID and apply the filter in the postback sent report which will tell you which conversions fired postback and which didn't.

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