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Link Test

Trackier offers you an additional functionality for testing any of your campaign or website links to see the hops, status and time to load through which you can evaluate if the links are working as per your expectations or not.


  • URL - Enter the URL of the link which you would want to test
  • Device - It will ask you the device through which you will access the link. It could be apple, android, tablet or desktop
  • Country - Country through which you will be accessing the link
  • Version - This option will not appear if you choose "Desktop". It will ask you to mention the version of the phone and tablet you would be using to access the link

Post-Analysis Result

Once you entered the URL and click on "Run test" it will show you

  • Offer and Destination URL - This is to show and check if the URL is being redirected to any other place and the actual and destination URL of the link
  • Hops - The total number of hops i.e. any other point through which your link might be passing 
  • Status Code - This will tell you the status code i.e if success(200) or not successful(400).
  • Time - Time being taken to load the URL 

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