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Campaign Setting


There is a section for basic settings under campaign management wherein you can define and set certain attributes for your campaign.

Options Under Campaign Setting

  • Conversion Tracking - This option is decided while creating the campaign and couldn't be changed afterwards 
  • Primary Tracking Domain - You can change or choose any domain as default for primary tracking which will further be used while generating links
  • Attribution Window - You can set a limit for attribution i.e. post that time every conversion will be treated as cancelled one
  • Click to conversion Time - You can explicitly set the click to conversion i.e. time that you need to define between a click happening and then converting into conversion. After that defined time any conversion happening will be treated as false
  • Global Targeting to Publishers - If you want to show global targeting set by you to publishers you can simply choose the option "Yes"
  • Sub ID Override - You can add data here in case you want your sub ID to be overridden by any other parameter
  • UTM Tracking - Urchin tracking module” is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name. Append URLs are for tagging additional string query parameters to the final destination. 
  • Conversion Hold period - You can define the minutes for which the conversion will be on "Hold period"
  • Conversion Status After Hold - To set the status of conversion happening after the period defined. After the conversion period is over you can change the status to any of the one defined by you here. You can set it as approved, cancelled, rejected or extended
  • Redirect Type - Redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL from the one originally requested. You can set this as 302 (Moved temporarily), 200 ok (No redirect) and so on.
  • Unique Click session Variable - You can set the variable for the unique session stored on the servers. It can be Cookie, GAID, IDFA or IP addresses
  • Unique Click Session Duration - Value in hours for unique click sessions by users
  • Duplication Click Action - If you enable this you can block the duplicate clicks and have directed to a blank page or the fallback URL defined by you
  • Deep links - Trackier provides a feature of attaching deep-link to the publisher’s tracking link for any campaign. These deep links can redirect the users to a particular section of the final landing page. You can enable or disable the deep link option directly from here for your campaign

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