There are cases when you want to run ads on TV at a specific time frame from a particular city and at a specified Tv channel and show. Your aim could be increasing the reach, persuading the audience to install your application or could be to spread any information. 

TV ads Attributions

  • To set up a TV ads attribution you need to create a CSV file containing details such as
    a) Country and City Name - Mention the name of the city and country. The country name should be in codes such as IN, US etc
    b) Start Date and Time - The exact date and time for the TV ad to be aired
    c) Partner ID - Mention the partner ID
    d) Campaign ID - Campaign ID for which you are running the ad
    e) Tv Channel Name - Full name of the channel
    f) TV Show Name - Full name of the show in which the Ad is to be aired
    g) Attribution Window - TV attribution windows have a maximum duration of 180 minutes. The TV campaign is attributed if the user launches the app for the first time during the attribution window.

If you wish to see a sample file you can click on "Download Sample file" option as part of the panel

  • You can also see the results of the ads being aired. All you need to do is click on "Download Result file" and you can see the success or failure of the same.