Customization is something that helps anyone put their faith in the product. Therefore keeping that in mind Trackier has built an option for a custom dashboard wherein you can create and see stats as per your wishes. 


How to create one?

  • Click on the "+ Add Dashboard" button and give a name to your dashboard

  • You will have the option to create your widgets as per your requirements. You can add multiple widgets in a single dashboard.
  • In order to create the widget First choose the type of chart that you would want it can be a pie chart, bar chart, table, map etc. 
  • Post that give a name to your widget along with a description if you want.
  • Select a KPI that you want to see and the attribute by which you would want to group your data.

  • You can add different filters to sort out your data. It can be campaigns, countries, partners,channels or if you wish to hide organic data.

  • Once you have added all the widgets that you want, you can even play around with them. Such as you can expand the size of the widgets and can push them upward or even replace them.

Video to Watch