Customer report or often called "Players" report gives you an insight into the people who are interacting with your brand or product (games). You can get an overview as to which city your customer belongs to or the payout you had to pay your affiliates.

Attributes of the Report

  • Customer ID - The unique ID associated with the customer
  • Customer Name - Name of the customer 
  • Tracking Token - A tracking token is a dynamically generated variable. In offers’ URLs, tokens are used to track specific information in a campaign.
  • Campaign - The campaign via which the customer is associated
  • Affiliate - Name of the affiliate
  • Brand - The brand that the customer is engaging with
  • Product ID and Product Name (games) - Unique product ID and the product name
  • Date - Date when they interacted with your product
  • IP - IP address of the customer
  • Click IP - Click IP address of the customer
  • Country - The country to which the user belongs
  • Region and City - Region name and city name
  • ISP - Name of the internet service provider
  • Coupon - Any coupon code that is related to this player
  • Currency - The currency in which the player deals in
  • Payout - The payout you had to pay to your affiliate for that customer

Walkthrough the Report

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