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Sub Admin - Roles and Permissions

Sub-admins are just next to the hierarchy of the admins when it comes to roles and permissions. In case you want to assign them any additional role you can do that as well. You will also have to assign them publishers and advertisers incase no one is assigned the system will automatically pick up all.

Roles and Permissions

  • Data Visibility - You can set if the sub admin will see data of all the users or just the assigned users.
  • Allow member to view campaigns of unassigned advertisers - In case ticked the user will see all the campaigns even if they are unassigned.
  • Link Management - With this right you can perform CRUD operations of the links of the campaign. In case you want to provide only a few specific rights you can do that as well such as only view or only only create.
  • Invoice Management - This will allow the Sub admin to perform CRUD operations on the invoices
  • Team Member Management - With this your sub admin will be able to create, view, edit or delete the members 
  • Automation - You can give the sub admins whole permission to view or create the features under automation. 
  • Conversion Access - Full data access to the conversions and editing that conversion in case of any issues.
  • Customize - In case you want to give them the access to customize panel you can do that as well

  • You can also set the KPIs that will be seen by Sub admins for different reports 

  • Sub admin will see all the reports that an admin panel has. They can manage and make changes to the campaigns as well.

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