Basic Terminologies in the iGaming World

Basic Terminologies in the iGaming World

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This article consists of the terms that are being used in the iGaming panel which the users might not be aware of. You can refer to this page whenever and wherever you face such an issue and are unsure about any of the terminology.

List of Keywords

  • Leads - A lead is a signup/registration of a new player for a particular game/product

  • First Time Deposit - It is when a player deposits money in a game for the first time

  • Recurring Deposit - It is when a player deposits money after first-time deposit. The point when a player will deposit money right after depositing the very first time will be considered as recurring deposit.

  • Net Gaming Revenue - Financial outcome of operators once all costs have been deducted from GGR. The money that is left in your hand post all the deductions Formula: GGR - bonus - adjustments - chargebacks - fees. You can change this formula as part of customization.

  • Gross Gaming Revenue - The profit that one will make including every aspect such as bonus, adjustments etc. You can create or choose a formula for this as part of the customization

  • Adjustments - The amount of money an operator ‘adjusts’ from the customer's gains.

  • Chargeback - This is when a customer conveys a past transaction as invalid or illegal and the money has to be given back to him. (it is usually refunded as a discount on the final financial outcome of the game)

  • Withdrawals - It is when the ‘operator’ pays the customer when the customer wins

  • Payout - The amount given to an affiliate when he/she meets the conditions set by the brand while running an ad campaign. You can set the payout via our platform in the "Manage payout" section.

  • New Depositing Customers - People who have registered as well as deposited the money at the same time. Please note that there can be cases when a player has registered but has not deposited any money. Such cases will not be counted as new depositing.

  • CPL/CPA - It is cost per lead or acquisition. You pay your affiliates based on the leads they have generated

  • Rev Share - This method provides the affiliate with a share of the revenue generated from NGR

  • Wagering customers - Players who have done betting or the ones who are playing

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