Steps Involved in the process are :

  • The influencer will upload a creative from the affiliate interface.

  • Once uploaded Admin can check the uploaded creative.

  • If all seems to find Admin can make it ACTIVE or REJECTED and mention the correction and update required.

  • Based on the action Influencer can use that creative or upload a new one based on the suggestion.

Where to upload?

An influencer can upload a creative via Publisher Interface, to do that they need to open a particular campaign > Scroll Down and there is a box for uploading creative.

Once they click on that, a box will popup.

  1. Type: One can upload any type of creative for review.
    • Banner Image
    • Drive/ Dropbox Link
    • Email Creative
    • Video
    • HTML ads
    • Native Ad Image
    • Other Asset
  2. Title: Title of creative
  3. File: Choose the file to upload
  4. Description: Influencer can mention a certain point if required before uploading which Admin can review.

Affiliate creative view

Once uploaded Affiliate can see the status of Creative that they have uploaded.

Admin panel

Uploaded creative will be visible in the particular campaign Admin can open the creative by clicking on their name.

STATUS: Uploaded creative will stay in Pending state until reviewed.

Updating Creative Status

Once you are on the creative manage page you can change the status of the creative from here.

  • You can preview the content from the preview Button
  • You can download the creative
  • You can delete the creative
  • Generate Banner Code to test if tracking working on that.
  • Update the creative status.

You can also add the comment about the creative uploaded status by the Influencer if it needs any correction.


Based on the Status of creative your Influencer will update and then upload again creative for verification or if Approved they can generate tracking link and use that in their ad source.

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