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Trackier Performance marketing Overview

See what does Trackier do to help our clients achieve their goals. This collection includes articles that would help you know about what Trackier does and who are our different users. This also includes our monthly new releases and the product updates.

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Getting Started on Trackier

New to Trackier? This collection will help you sort things out. With this knowledge base it would be very easy for you to start your journey on Trackier. If you are network, a brand or if you were using some other platform and wants to migrate, this collection will fulfill all your needs.

8 articles
Dashboard Overview

The dashboard appears once you sign up on Trackier and start your operations here. Get an overview of your campaign's performance right on the dashboard. This collection includes all the knowledge about what all you can see on your dashboard and what you can control to be visible on the publisher's dashboard.

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All about Campaigns

Guides on all the features to create, manage and optimise campaigns. Also knowledge about the server to server click settings, landing pages and Google ads setup. Everything that is required to create and run a campaign seemlessly is available in this collection. Guides related to coupon tracking, postback settings, goals and events setup on Trackier are also available.

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Advertiser Integration

Adding an advertiser and integrating with one. Or would you like to customise their interface? This collection includes information on how to create advertisers, whitelist their IP addresses, and test conversions with advertisers, among other things. As a result, for any advertising-related questions, consult this collection of Support articles.

22 articles
Publisher Integration

All features related to publisher setup, integration, and user interface. This includes the steps for adding publishers to the Trackier panel, generating tracking links for them, the affiliate referral programme, and customising publisher settings, among other things. Refer to this collection if you have any questions about publishers or their interfaces.

32 articles
All about Reportings

This collection includes instructions on how to use all of the reports to analyse the data. On the Trackier panel, you can save reports and schedule them according to your needs. Each report includes a variety of filters and group by options to assist you in viewing the reports based on your qualifications.

20 articles
Adding team members

A guide for adding team members and managing workflows. You can add multiple types of team members based on their role in your organisation. Each team member has a unique set of responsibilities and roles that define how they work on the Trackier panel. All of these insights are discussed in this collection.

7 articles
Invoice Management

This collection contains information on viewing and managing invoices in the Trackier panel. Here, you can manage invoices for both publishers and managers, as well as schedule them as needed. This collection is a one-stop shop for all your invoice-related needs.

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Workflow Automation

Need help automating your various workflows? Look no further! This collection contains information on how to optimise your campaigns to increase revenue and reduce workload.

4 articles
Ecommerce Integrations

Want to integrate Trackier with ecommerce platforms? Here is all the help you need!

15 articles
MMP Integration

A guide on integrating Trackier with different mobile measurement platforms

17 articles
Tools Integration

A guide on how Trackier integrates with different tools to make your work easier

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Other Automations

Dive into the world of efficiency with Trackier's powerful features like the Offer Checker and Bulk Upload, designed to automate your workflow and streamline your operations. Our comprehensive guide is your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of these tools, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

12 articles
Anti-Fraud Tool

Empower yourself with the knowledge to safeguard your business against common types of fraud by learning effective prevention and detection strategies. In our comprehensive guide, we delve into various fraud tools and equip you with proactive measures to mitigate risks and protect your campaigns.

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Network Integrations

Streamline your offer management process by leveraging Network API integration to fetch offers effortlessly in a single step. With this powerful feature, you can seamlessly connect your affiliate network platform with Trackier, enabling you to access and import offers directly from multiple networks in one go.

1 article
Notification and Alert Management

Empower your partners and keep them informed every step of the way by setting up customized alerts and notifications for various events within your affiliate marketing platform. With this feature, you can proactively communicate important updates, milestones, and performance insights, fostering transparency and collaboration across your partner network.

4 articles

Sources to facilitate rapid troubleshooting, such as encountering errors during postback testing or when conversions fail to register on your panel via postback or pixel.

4 articles
Domain Setup

This curated collection comprises a wealth of resources covering a diverse range of topics essential for optimizing your tracking infrastructure and enhancing your online presence. From whitelabeling tracking to configuring login or postback domains, enabling SSL through Cloudflare, and setting up SMTP, each article is designed to provide comprehensive guidance and practical insights to streamline your processes and elevate your digital operations.

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Frequently asked Questions

This comprehensive collection encompasses an array of frequently asked questions (FAQs) tailored to address common queries and concerns encountered within our domain. Covering a wide spectrum of topics and intricacies, these FAQs are meticulously curated to provide clear, concise answers to empower users with the knowledge needed to navigate through potential challenges seamlessly.

38 articles

Discover a plethora of references tailored to empower you in customizing the appearance and user experience of your panel. From branding elements to layout adjustments, these resources offer invaluable insights and practical guidance to help you tailor your panel to reflect your unique identity and enhance team member engagement.

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Security & Compliance

In this comprehensive collection, we provide detailed insights into the robust security standards upheld by Trackier, ensuring the protection of sensitive data and safeguarding the integrity of your affiliate marketing operations. Delve into our resources to gain a thorough understanding of the security measures and compliance frameworks that Trackier adheres to, empowering you with the confidence to trust in the safety and reliability of our platform.

8 articles
Admin API

Unlock the full potential of Trackier with our comprehensive guide to accessing the panel via API. Whether you're a developer looking to integrate Trackier's functionality into your own applications or an advanced user seeking to automate tasks and streamline workflows, this guide provides step-by-step instructions and practical insights to help you harness the power of Trackier's API effectively.

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