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SignUp Questions for Publishers and Advertisers

Trackier offers you an option wherein you can customize the sign in panel for your publishers and advertisers by explicitly mentioning the fields anyone must enter before signing up for the platform. Please note that the process for publishers and advertisers will be the same.


Adding New Field

  • Name - Enter the name of the field
  • Type - The category of the value which will be entered inside the field. It can be text, date, image or any other value
  • Required Field - If the field would be necessary for the publisher/advertiser to fill. In case enabled it will show as an asterisk 
  • Hide Field - In case you would in future want to hide the field for some time
  • Enter Validation - Enable in case you want to validate what your data inside the field would look like. If you enable it will show you 3 other options of Validation type, Minimum character and Maximum character
  • Validation type - It can be numeric, alphanumeric or any custom data value
  • Minimum and Maximum character - Enter the min and max values for the data

Manage Sections

In case you want to divide your sign-in questions into different sections you need to go to "Manage Sections" and add categories/sections as per your wish

  • You can edit the sections and fields and have them hidden or be a required field.
  • You need to enable the "Show page based on sections" button to be visible to you while signing up.

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