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Panel Layout And Links
Panel Layout And Links

Panel Layout And Links

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At a Glance: This article provides a deep understanding of how you can update your panel depending on your requirements.

Trackier allows you to customise the panel layout to meet your specific requirements. You can change the theme colour, panel language, language, and default currency to make it more appealing and consistent with your other tools and websites.

How to update?

To update the layout, navigate to Customize and choose Application from the side menu.

Preferences Card

Customize: Application (Preferences)

In the Preferences card, you can update:

  • Sidebar Color: This feature offers a variety of options for adjusting the color of the sidebar.

  • Background Color: This feature allows you to modify the background color of your panel.

  • Heading Color: You have the ability to alter the color of your heading with this option.

  • Enable 2-FA Sign in for Team Members, Publishers, and Advertisers: If you enable this, you can add security to your platform. You can select the maximum number of days without authentication and the maximum number of wrong attempts.

  • Dashboard Data: From here, you can adjust what stats you need to see on the dashboard card.

Panel Layout

Customize: Application (Panel Layout)

In the panel layout, you can update important things related to the panel.

  • Organization Name: You can change the name of your company that will be visible on the panel.

  • Currency: You can set the default currency of the panel.

  • Language: You can select the panel's default language.

  • Timezone: All of your reports will be visible with respect to this timezone.

  • IFrame Loading: This feature enables the option to either allow, deny, or allow, from the same origin, the loading of the panel within an iframe.

  • Header Logo: Here you can add a logo that will be visible on the top left side of the menu.

  • Login Logo: The logo that you want to show on your login page.

  • Favicon Icon: Icon for the tab of the browser in which Trackier panel is open.

  • Robot File: Here, you can upload your robot.txt file.

  • Support Email: Enter your network support email here, which will be visible to the publishers.

  • Skype ID (optional): Enter your Skype ID in the designated field.

  • Telegram ID (optional): Enter your Telegram ID here in the designated field.

  • Support Link: Enter the link for your support document.

  • Terms and Conditions URL (optional): Enter the URL for your terms and conditions, which will be accessible by the advertisers and publishers on their signup page.

  • Privacy Policy URL (optional): Enter the URL for your privacy policy that will be visible to your publishers and advertisers on the signup page.

  • Publisher Registration URL (optional): Enter the URL if you want to use a custom page for the publisher signup.

  • Advertiser registration URL (optional): Enter the URL if you want to use a custom page for the advertiser signup.

  • Advertiser Terms URL (optional): Enter the URL here if you have separate terms for advertiser signup. This will be accessible by the advertisers on their signup page.

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