Activity Report

Activity Report

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Activity report gives you detailed information about each and every aspect of your player. You see various attributes under this report such as bets, wins, withdrawals, NGR, GGR, bonuses and many more.

Attributes of the Report

  • Customer ID - The unique customer ID associated with each player

  • Transaction ID - The unique transaction ID

  • Campaign - Campaign name associated with the player's activity

  • Affiliate - Name of the affiliate

  • Brand - The brand name with which the player interacted

  • Product ID and Name - Product name and the ID

  • Date - Date when they interacted with your product

  • Currency - The currency in which the player deals in

  • Payout - The payout you had to pay to your affiliate for that customer

  • Bets and Wins - How much your player bet and how much did they win out of that bet

  • Deposits - The amount that has been deposited by the player

  • Is First Time Deposit - The amount that the player deposited is first-time deposit money or not

  • Bonuses - Reward amount that is given to the player

  • Withdrawals - Money taken out by the player from his account. It can be his deposited money or the money he won on a bet

  • Adjustments - The amount of money an operator ‘adjusts’ from the customer's gains

  • Chargebacks - This is when a customer conveys a past transaction as invalid or illegal and the money has to be given back to him. (it is usually refunded as a discount of the final financial outcome of the game)

  • Fees - Amount of money that the player paid in order to play any game is considered a fees

  • NGR - Net gaming revenue i.e. Financial outcome of operators once all costs have been deducted from GGR. The money that one got in his hand post all the deductions

  • GGR - Gross Gaming revenue i.e. result of a customer playing a game i.e. his gross revenue (bets - wins)

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