Adding and managing affiliates

Adding and managing affiliates

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You can now easily add and invite affiliates to start working on your campaigns and manage them effectively. Affiliates as your partner provide traffic to your campaigns.

An affiliate can also be added in your Trackier account, via an Invite link, CSV Uploads & API. All the verticals concerned with the affiliates can be found on the right side of the panel.


Adding new Affiliate

Click on the Manage affiliates page and hit the Actions button on the top right section of the page. A single-page form will open in which you can add the required details and then hit the save button.

Action button not only gives you the access to add new affiliate but also you can search and set multiple payout templates from the same. You can explore the power of Action on your own.

An affiliate form will appear on the right side of the panel.

  • Full Name - Enter the name of the affiliate

  • Email - Email address of the affiliate

  • Account Status - Status can be kept as active, pending, disabled or rejected

  • Country - Choose the country name

  • Company - You can add the name of the company to which they belong

  • Advanced settings - If you enable this you can set the password for your affiliate, add a phone number or skype details, and mention tags or the user name of the affiliate.

Managing your affiliates

You can manage all the added affiliates and can change their status from one common page. You can use this section to have a basic overview (like company, status, etc.)of them all at once.

You have the option to add more KPIs for the affiliates on the Manage page by using the Advanced Filter icon present on the right side of the page (highlighted in the image below).

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