Affiliate Referral Program

Affiliate Referral Program

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At a Glance: This article provides detailed knowledge about the affiliate referral program and how you can enable it on your panel.

A referral program is a strategic way and process that allows affiliates to engage their partners in your business. This feature is visible in the network dashboard and the affiliate dashboard. An affiliate can share their affiliate link to engage their desired number of partners and set their payout at a fixed or percentage level.

How to enable the Referral Program

  • To enable and set up the referral setting, from the dashboard, go to Customize > Publisher > Referral Setting.

Steps to enable affiliate referral program on trackier.

There are two referral settings available:

1. Global Referral settings
2. Partner Referral Settings

Gloabl and partner referral settings in Trackier

Global Referral settings

Global referral settings in Trackier
  • Global settings will apply to all affiliates. There, you can set up the affiliate payment method as a "flat fee," i.e., a fixed amount, or on the "percentage" method with the time interval of days, weeks, and months.

  • Example: You have set up the global setting and chosen the percentage method of 15% with a time interval of 5 days. So here, if affiliate A refers to affiliate B, and affiliate B earns the payout of $100, then affiliate A gets 15% of his payout on a recurring basis. (15% of 100$)

  • If you have set up the global settings on the Flat-Fee method, here you can set a fixed amount for the affiliate, and they will get that amount according to the time interval that has been given to them.

  • You will have the option of excluding any publisher directly from here if you want to. Simply mention the publisher in the "Exclude publisher" section.

    Referral settings in Trackier

Partner Referral Settings

  • Partner Referral Settings allows you to choose the affiliate, and you can give them the customizable fee on a flat or fixed basis and on a percentage basis with a time interval of days, weeks, and months.

Partner referral settings on trackier
  • Once the affiliate refers their affiliate referral link to their partner and brings them into your business, according to the amount you have set for that particular affiliate, they will get paid according to it.

How does an affiliate generate a referral link?

Once you have set up the referral settings for your affiliate. Your affiliate can find his referral sign-up link in their dashboard by going to Account > Profile > "Your Partner Referral Link". An affiliate will get his unique affiliate link to bring new affiliates in.

How to generate the affiliate referral link on Trackier

How do I check affiliate referral Invoices?

  • Go to Invoice > Publishers > Action > New Invoice. By selecting the Publisher, date range, type of Invoice, and currency, you can generate the invoice for the affiliate

In the affiliate invoice, you can check all the details of the referral and the calculated amount associated with it.

invoice management
Trackier invoice

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